How To Record Facetime On iPhone

facetime is a great app to make video calls and audio calls. everyone knows that is the default app for ios. but iPhone Dubai version is not allowed this facetime app. this is a totally free app for ios users. if you are trying to record your facetime call on your iPhone using the third party, please don’t do that because now ios have build-in screen record feature.

How to enable built-in screen record feature to control. when you did this step simply you can swap up from the bottom or swap down from up left side corner ( up to iPhone X ).

1) Go to Settings

how to record facetime on iphone
how to record facetime on iPhone

2) Click the Control Center

how to record facetime on iphone
how to record facetime on iphone

3) Click the Customize Controls

how to record facetime on iphone
how to record facetime on iphone

4) Now click the + Symbol on Screen Recording Option

Then swap up or down your control center! you can see the Screen recording option available now. this feature available for ios 12 or later.
this has two options you can record your video with sound or without. so click the screen recorder icon then click the microphone icon. now you can record your voice.

before you take the facetime call click the screen recording, its 3-second counting appears after that icon turn to red. when you have done the video record, videos will automatically save to “photos”.

If you are got a long time video and you want to trim it? please use the iMovie application for it.

If you are using mac then you can record your facetime video calls like this way.

1) connect your iPhone with Mac via the lightning cable ( USB Cable)
2) Fine the Quick time player and lunch it on your mac
3) In QuickTime application, click File > New Movie Recording > click the downward-facing arrow next to the Record button and Prepared Camera and Microphone and your iPhone.
4) Click the record button when the facetime call start.

Frequently problems

Q) My Facetime is not working
A) Make sure you are signed in with your apple id. go to the setting and click the facetime and now enable it.

Q) Can I use facetime for windows?
A) Yes, Read this article.

Q) I bought the iPhone from Dubai but it is not available the facetime.
A) Unfortunately, UAE’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority is still investigating into the FaceTime technology for security concerns. but you can try this method to install the facetime but its void your warranty. (

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